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Nobody believes Dubai, the most modern metropolitan city of the world, was once a sleepy fishing village. This emirate has transformed to such an extent in just a few decades that it is today a financial and cultural hub of the world. It attracts millions of tourists from all parts of the world today. How did it manage to change so much and what is going to be the future of this majestic world city?

Discovery of Oil proved to be the turning point

Dubai was known as fishing and pearling city in the 19th century. By the time 20th century began, Dubai had established itself as a major port city of the world. An Arab market called Deira Souk here became so large that businessmen from all parts of globe came here to do trade. The number of foreigners settling here became large and it started to take the shape of Dubai as it is known today.

It was in 1966 that oil was discovered in Dubai and this fact changed the fortunes of Dubai forever. Profits from oil trade were pumped in to improve the infrastructure. From the jettison to the airport and from roads and hospitals to schools, everything got modernized and big. Jebel Ali became the largest man made harbor of the world.

Dubai oil
dubai oil 1

Massive investment transformed Dubai completely

Striking oil proved to be the catalyst as far as development of Dubai is concerned. In just a few decades, the money earned from oil trade allowed Dubai to change from a fishing village into a modern city of the world. It was in the decade of 80’s that this emirate started to make efforts towards making Dubai top class tourist destination. Growth and development of Dubai has been tremendous so far and it promises to evolve even in future.

Dubai growth is a result of massive investment

There can be no denying the fact that investment of a massive proportion has helped in the development of Dubai. However, a great role in this development has also been played by the intelligent policies of the leaders. These include creation of an atmosphere conducive to growth, welcome of workforce from other countries, setting duties on imports low, and keeping income tax and corporate tax levels low.

If the story of growth and development of Dubai is impressive, its plans for the future are no less astonishing. Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Makdoum, who is the ruler of Dubai and Vice President of UAE, has chalked out the growth plans of Dubai outlined in UAE Strategy for the Future. This plan includes both medium term as well as long term strategy for the growth and development of Dubai. World Expo 2020 and Vision 2021 are two immediate events that will shape up this ambitious plan for the future.


World Expo 2020

Dubai World Expo has been planned for the city in 2020. It will commence in October and finish in April 2021. It is expected to attract nearly 25 million people from 180 counties of the world, both businessmen as well as tourists. Dubai Tourism Strategy believes the city would be attracting 20 million tourists every year by then. Judging by the way hotel industry is expanding in Dubai, it seems that this target will be easily accomplished.

Golden Jubilee celebrations 2021

2021 is the year Dubai will observe its 50th year of formation. Grand celebrations have been planned for this Golden Jubilee. Starting with Vision 2021, a strategy to make Dubai the best city of the world, many other initiatives have been planned for this golden jubilee year.

Dubai and Other Emirates

Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030

75 new initiatives have been planned to come into effect with the start of the 4th decade of the century. Nearly $44 billion will be pumped into the economy with focus upon innovation and energy efficiency. More and more manufacturing companies will be invited here to expand the economy of Dubai and UAE.

Clean Energy Strategy 2050

It is the strategy of Dubai to be producing nearly 75% of the energy requirements of the people through clean and renewable sources by the year 2050.


Centennial Plan 2071

2071 will be the year of centennial celebrations of Dubai. Centennial Plan will come into effect in 20121 and it will remain in place for the next 50 years. This plan contains the blueprint for the growth and development of the city for the future.

Life on Mars 2117

Muhammad bin Rashid Space Centre will complete its 100 years in the year 2117. Dubai has plans of making livable colonies on planet Mars by this time.

If one takes a look at the track record of Dubai in terms of growth and development, it becomes clear that nothing is impossible. There are no doubts that Dubai will not only achieve all its goals but even surpass them. Stunning growth in tourism, hotel industry is bound to increase by leaps and bounds. iSuites is excited to play its part in the growth of Dubai. Come, be a part of this tremendous growth and development.


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