Dubai Tourism

Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations of the world and received 14.9 million tourists in the year 2017.

Dubai Tourism: Everything You Need to Know

Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. It is the second largest emirate of the UAE in terms of area but boasts of the largest population among the 7 emirates. It has been variously dubbed as Paris of the Middle East and the world city because of its cosmopolitan nature. Dubai City is the capital of Dubai. It is a wonderful city with an alluring charm and a unique mix of the old and the new. Images of deserts come to the mind when one thinks of Dubai but it also has world class buildings and shopping malls to allow for luxurious and unforgettable holidays. This metropolitan city is in a league of itself when it comes to attractions for the tourists. It keeps coming up with new attractions and never ceases to surprise the world.

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