Investor Benefits

You stand to gain much more than just a beautiful hotel room and wonderful monetary returns when you choose iSuites for your hotel investment in Dubai.

Avail Unlimited Benefits When You Invest With Us

You automatically gain access as an owner to our club that has wonderful rewards in store for you. These rewards include monetary benefits, loans for further purchases, and paid holidays in Dubai. Let us talk about these amazing benefits that iSuites has created exclusively for its partners.

iSuites Asset Management

As the name reflects the team at iSuites asset management takes care of every single aspect of your property before it is finally handed over to you. We want to make sure that you face no problems and reap the monetary rewards. Our team does all the paperwork to take care of legal aspects. It also carries out the marketing of your property as well as its leasing. You need not worry about operation and management of your property as it is also taken care of, besides repairs and maintenance.

Owner Privileges

By partnering with iSuites, you do not just become the owner of a brick and mortar hotel room. The long lasting relationship just begins with handing over the keys of your ell furnished and serviced hotel room. You gain automatic access to Owner Privileges, a unique ownership program with amazing rewards for the owners. This program is perhaps the best owner privileges program on the planet.

Wealth Builder

iSuites makes Dubai hotel investment easy and hassle free for its partners. We makes sure that you earn handsome profits on your hotel investment in Dubai. It is a reflection of our commitment to our investors as we are not satisfied with just handing over a finished property to them. The team takes care of everything behind hotel ownership so you can sit back and relax. It is a complete rental service that looks after management of your property so that you enjoy the rewards associated with ownership.

White Glove Service

The satisfaction of our customer is our motto. We try to provide the best possible personal service to you whatever the project and the country you come from. For us, the customer is above everything else and we leave no stone un-turned in providing highest quality service to you.

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