Privacy Policy

At iSuites, we are totally committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We keep working on development of technology that enables our customers to browse in a safe and secure manner on our website. The usage of our website and the data collected from our customers is governed through this privacy policy. By visiting our website, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned under this privacy policy.

We collect personal information about our customers such as their name, address, telephone number, and email addresses. We also collect demographic details such as pin code, gender, age, buying behavior, and preferences. The information about the hardware of your computer and the software you are using is also gathered automatically by us. It includes your browser, the IP address, URL of links, and the time when you gain access to our website. We use this information for improving our website and to improve the shopping experience of our customers.

We at iSuites encourage our esteemed customers to take a look at the privacy policy of websites before you jump to our website. This will give you an insight into how your information is collected and used by these websites. iSuites cannot take responsibility of the actions and behaviors of the websites outside the family of our group.

What happens to personal information of the customer?

As mentioned earlier, the personal information about a customer is primarily used to optimize the functioning of our website. We are able to deliver the service demanded by you more efficiently with the help of this information. This information also helps us to inform you about our other products and services. We take it for granted that you are giving your consent to be contacted through email, telephone, and text messages when you fill up and send the enquiry form to us. We assume that we can freely use this information to promote our investment opportunities. However, we give you the freedom to opt out of such communications. Another use of your information is to provide you with details of all our services, current as well as those we intend to offer in future.

As a matter of policy, iSuites never sells or leases the details of its customers with other vendors or service providers. We may contact you to inform about offerings from other parties but even in these cases your personal details are not shared with them. The only scenario when personal details of our customers are shared is when we require services of professionals to carry out statistical analysis for us. This analysis enables us to make our services more efficient for the customers. We strictly prohibit these professionals getting access to personal information about our customers to use it for any other purpose than required by us. Your details are kept confidential under all circumstances by us.

Without getting your prior consent, we shall not disclose or share your personal details with anyone. We at iSuites keep track of the activities of our customers when visiting our and our affiliates’ websites. This is done to ascertain what services are liked the most by the customers. It is also used to show advertisements based upon behaviors of customers that indicates their liking to us.

Please note that iSuites can disclose your personal details to law enforcement authorities and agencies when it becomes necessary to do to abide by the law. We do so in good faith only and also to comply with the laws of the land. We share information about our customers when it becomes necessary for us to protect the rights of the company.

Cookie use on the website

We make use of cookies to provide optimized browsing experience to our customers. There is no need to feel afraid by the fact that this text file is placed on the hard disk of your computer as it does not harm your computer in any way. These cookies are very tiny and take up no space on your hard disk.

A cookie keeps track of your activities on the websites of iSuites and its affiliates. This helps us to know your preferences based upon your previous visits to our website. Cookies also help us to record your other details such as your shipping address, phone number, email ID, and so on. We can easily retrieve this information when you visit our website next to provide you faster and customized services. Despite these powerful benefits of cookies, we allow our customers to decide whether they want us to use cookies or not. You can modify the settings in your browser to decline cookies form iSuites. However, keep in mind that by declining cookies, you may not have the same kind of personalized browsing experience that we provide to other customers.

How your personal information is kept secured

You can rest assured that your personal details completely safe and secured with us. No unauthorized individual can gain access to and use this information. You personal details are kept by iSuites in far away servers that are protected on a 24X7 basis.

Changes in privacy policy

iSuites reserves the right to make changes and modifications in this privacy policy as and when necessary in the interest of the company and the customers. We encourage our esteemed customers to visit this page from time to time to remain updated with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Feedback and suggestions

We welcome the suggestions and feedback of our customers regarding the implementation of this privacy policy. If you have any issue, write to us at and we shall take prompt action to resolve the issues.