Invest In A Hotel Apartment In Dubai

Why accept a 2% return from your bank when you can earn upto 12% with iSuites Hotel Apartments?

Perks Of Investing In Hotel Rooms

  • You are the owner: You get ownership rights and sell the unit to anyone to earn high profits.
  • Management is easy: Your unit is taken great care of as we not only furnish it but also maintain it. Your job would be to collect profits from time to time.
  • High returns on investment: Management of hotels is carried out by experienced operators. This ensures high occupancy rates to fetch high returns on your investment.
  • No impact of currency fluctuations: As Dirham is pegged with USD, you can rest assured that your investment remains safe from currency fluctuations.
  • The best occupancy rates: Dubai received 14.9 million tourists in the year 2016. This number is expected to increase next year and finally reach the level of 20 million by the end of 2020. This means you can expect a boom in hotel business in near future.
  • Airport that is one of the busiest in the world: Arrivals numbered 83.6 million in Dubai in 2016 and it reflected an increase of 7.2% over the number of arrivals in 2015. There is no airport busier than Dubai International Airport in terms of international visitors. Increasing number of tourists means booming Dubai hotels business as they represent high demand for hotel accommodations.

Why Choose iSuites For Your Hotel Investment?

First and foremost, partnering iSuites makes Dubai hotel investment effortless for you. We have a solid asset management team that makes sure your returns on investment are safe and stable. Right form legal advice and documentation, we are there with the investor at each and every step to make ownership of the hotel room hassle free. We also make marketing efforts and take care of maintenance. We have a unique Owner Privileges program. By investing in a Dubai hotels industry with iSuites, you become an automatic member of this program. You can earn handsome rewards.

Why Invest In iSuites

  • Free Investment Visit: Invest with us and we will cover the cost of your trip to Dubai.
  • Reputable Developer: Established in 2007 with 1.77 Million Square Feet Area.
  • Trustworthy Partner: Over 1,863 Satisfied International & Local Clients.
  • Proven Track Record: 2,661 Total Number Of Units.

Location Is Everything

  • High Occupancy Rates: Prime location just minutes away from the Dubai EXPO 2020 site.
  • Long Term Sustainability: Close to Al-Maktoum Internationa Airport Dubai and Dubai Park & Resorts.
  • Hassle Free Investment: Development managed by an international hotel operator.
  • Full Legal Ownership: Option to sell for capital gains or transfer to a family member.

Invest In Dubai Hotel Market

  • Pegged Currency: UAE Dirham Plegged to US Dollar offers stability for investors.
  • High Occupancy Rate: Average hotel occupancy rates in Dubai is amongst world’s highest.
  • Becoming Tourism Market: Up by 5% to 14.9 Million tourist visits Dubai in 2016 with further growth expected.

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