Dubai And World EXPO 2020

Dubai is all set to be the next venue for World Expo 2020. Which will bring an estimated 25 million tourists and a $23 billion economy boost to Dubai.

Introducing World EXPO 2020

It promises to be a mega international event that will give a big boost to the economy of the city and the entire region. It means a surge in the number of tourists to the emirates which will propel the hotel industry of Dubai to new heights. Dubai, which is already a hub of international tourism, will further cement its place as the top-most tourist destination of the world. UAE happens to be the first country in the Middle East to host World Expo which will have the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The Expo will run for 6 months and it will bring an estimated 25 million tourists to Dubai. With so many tourists arriving in Dubai, hotel industry and tourism in general will be the two industries that will benefit the most.


Dubai Will Host World EXPO 2020

Dubai has been preparing to be the next host for the mega international event called World EXPO 2020 for a long time now. On the basis of estimates about the expected number of tourists arriving in Dubai during this expo, Dubai’s economy is believed to get a boost of more than $23 billion. This is not a small amount of money by any stretch of imagination and it will boost the economy to new heights. World EXPO is a major international event that is organized in a chosen venue after a gap of 5 years. It is a conglomeration of not just people but also minds and technology. New ideas emerge, new tie-ups take shape, and the EXPO starts a series of events that trigger social and economic development of the place where it is organized. For investors, there could be no bigger event that World EXPO to invest their money and reap the rewards in a big way.

World EXPO & Its History

It was in London way back in 1851 that the first World Expo was organized. If one looks back in time, he feels that it was a very small event as compared to the gigantic scale of operations in a World EXPO today. World EXPO has evolved over a period of time and it has gained in importance and stature to be called a truly international event today. One can easily imagine the size and proportions of the World EXPO by the fact that millions of tourists and businessmen converge on the host city where it is organized every five years. Irrespective of the city or the region where the EXPO is held, it gives a massive boost to the economy. It is not a surprise that there is serious bidding by major countries of the world to decide which country gets the chance to host the next edition of the World EXPO. It is indeed nothing short of history that is being created in the entire Middle East with Dubai having been chosen as the next host of this mega international event.

Location Of World EXPO 2020

A brand new structure called Dubai Trade Centre has come up at Jebel Ali in Dubai as the venue for the next edition of the World EXPO. Located in close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport, this gigantic structure is spread over an area of 438 hectare. This venue is actually outside Dubai and lies in between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai Trade Centre is a state of the art pavilion which has a sustainable and eco-friendly design. It has been packed with enough solar panels to be able to produce nearly 50% of its energy requirements through solar energy.

Dubai Trade Centre will be not one but three gigantic structures inside a huge complex. Each of these three buildings will be a reflection of the themes of the event namely opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. All presentations and discussions will be held inside the Central Plaza which has been named Al Wasi. It is an Arabic phrase that is actually the old name of Dubai. In Arabic, it means connectivity and this is what this central plaza intends to serve as. Central Plaza will be the veneue for all the innovations and collaborations that are going to take place in this World EXPO. This grand structure called Dubai Trade Centre will not become defunct once the World EXPO is over. There are lans to use it as a research and development centre and a university in future.

Impact On Dubai

Impact of this world EXPO on the economy of Dubai will be huge and long lasting. Experts have estimated this mega international event to add some $23 billion to the economy of Dubai. This is nearly a quarter of the overall GDP of the city. If one talks about the inflow of tourists, nearly 25 million tourists are expected to visit Dubai during the 6 months when world expo will be taking place in Dubai in 2020-21. Compare this number with 213 million tourists that visited Dubai in the whole year in 2014 and you know how big this event is going to be for the economy of this city. The biggest impact of this huge influx of tourists in Dubai will be on the hotel and tourism industries. World EXPO is expected to create nearly 277,000 new jobs for the people of Dubai. This alone will boost the economy of Dubai by 2% in the years 2020 and 2021.

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